NEW *** 2016 High Holidays Inclusive Congregations Guide! FREE!!!

From Jewish Community Inclusion Expert Shelly Christensen comes a new guide to guide your congregation on an inclusive High Holidays experience.

Learn what you can do to welcome people with disabilities and those who love them. You’ll discover ways to engage people in the beauty of high holiday worship, traditions and customs.

The High Holiday Inclusive Congregations Guide provides practical ideas to incorporate inclusion of people with disabilities into your High Holiday rituals, services and celebrations. While we always want to do the right thing, sometimes we need a little guidance, some creativity and resources to ensure that we are doing that right thing!

Make 5777 the year of Inclusion…where all people know that they belong!

High Holiday Inclusion Guide

Click image above to download your free copy!

9 comments on “NEW *** 2016 High Holidays Inclusive Congregations Guide! FREE!!!”

  1. Cantor Steven Stoehr Reply

    Proud to say that a wonderful network of congregations in the northern suburbs of Chicago have all been working together to open more doors concerning these same issues for the past few years. Seek out the HUGS program.

    • Shelly Reply

      Cantor Steve, Kol Hakavod! I strongly believe that when congregations can form a network and join together in the commitment to support people with disabilities in Jewish life, the impact is so much greater than doing it alone! The Minneapolis Jewish Community Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities, which I directed for 13 years, was built on the philosophy of collaboration of congregations AND Jewish agencies and organizations. It’s how we were able to begin the first Jewish Disability Awareness Month in 2009 with gusto! The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts–and the parts themselves are made stronger when they are part of the whole. Keep on keeping on! Every person who finds their place in Jewish life, no matter what they’ve experienced in the past, is another gift to the community. Continued success and keep us posted! Thanks for writing. Shelly

  2. Wendy Dratler Reply

    Can not download on my computer. Would love to receive it. 4 Barkmill Terrace, Montville, NJ 07045

  3. Faith Reitman Reply

    Why is this PDF file not accessible for people who use screen readers? Posted this in the Jewish Blind and Vision Impaired Community group and to a friend who is also blind and we are unable to access it with JAWS. Not very accessible, inclusive or welcoming in my book. Practice what you preach!

    • Shelly Reply

      Faith, I appreciate your message because you’ve raised a critical concern, not only for Inclusion Innovations, but for all of the faith communities that are committed to supporting people with disabilities. Is JAWS the most used screenreader available? I am going to research how to make our site accessible as well as recommend that others do as well. What do you suggest as far as most usable? Thank you for reminding me that good intentions are only as good as the actions we put into place. Shelly

    • Shelly Reply

      Wendy, so great to hear from you! I hope all’s going well. Will you send me an email at and I will send you a version you can open, please? Has anyone else had a hard time opening the pdf? Please let me know! Thanks!!! Shelly

  4. Shelly Reply

    Thanks for your response! Can you share with our readers some of the details to make your building accessible? Inquiring minds want to know: is this a new building or a renovation? What was the process? Did you encounter objections and, if so, how did you overcome them? What impact has having an accessible building had on congregants and those who use the building? Thanks for sharing this–people want to know what worked and what didn’t! Please let us know!!! Shelly

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