I’m Shelly Christensen, founder and CEO of Inclusion Innovations. I work with organizations like yours to develop custom strategies that weave diversity and inclusion into your culture, policies and practices.

Why is Belonging the Key to Inclusion?

All any of us want is to belong. When we belong we feel valued, essential, and part of a team. We share our gifts, talents, and strengths. We matter. We are not labeled because of race, religion, ethnicity, disability, mental health condition, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. We are not regarded as the “other.”

Organizations thrive and flourish when people feel a sense of belonging.

As a consultant I’ve worked with many organizations to reach the level of inclusion, participation and engagement that they strive to achieve. My 20-plus years of experience and expertise gained by partnering with diverse faith-based organizations is foundational to successful diversity, equity and inclusion initiative in companies, non-profits, and other kids of organizations

My approach begins with understanding where your organization is today. Through our consultancy services and training programs, we’ll determine priorities, identify opportunities for growth, develop a strategic plan, involve people in all sectors of your organization, provide training for the leadership team, staff and volunteers, and guidance during implementation to meet your goals for inclusion.

Many organizations start out with a keynote address at a conference or a day of training. I will educate, inspire and motivate your organization to develop a growth mindset that is the foundation for your initiative. I also provide custom training to meet your needs on a smaller scale as you move through the process.

I Can Help You Achieve Results

Contact me for your free 30 minute initial consultation to learn more about how I can help your organization

Shelly inspires and educates audience members to understand and embrace what it means to belong. She weaves stories, biblical text, and practical strategies into a keynote presentation that’s sure to move and motivate people to begin the journey toward inclusion. Learn about the Spirit of Belonging and the Structure of Inclusion, and why both are equally important in your community.

Based on Shelly’s years of experience working with faith-based organizations, she can work with your organization to design a strategic approach to inclusion. This can include an analysis of your organization to identify opportunities, obstacles, and strengths, and a customized, practical plan for your inclusion initiative.

Shelly is mentors individuals who are in leadership roles in their faith communities. Individuals receive 1:1 support via online or phone meetings to identify challenges, and support the individual to lead shifts in culture, attitude, and practice. Mentoring is an effective way to support individuals who are responsible for leading inclusion.