Inclusion Innovations

Your Partner in Inclusion

Inclusion Innovations designs individualized strategies and programs for faith communities ready to explore ways to shift to a more inclusive environment.

Inclusion Innovations provides support, guidance and training so that inclusion can be woven into every activity in which your organization is involved.

Inclusion Innovations requires that people with disabilities serve on your Inclusion Team. We embrace the philosophy of ‚ÄúNothing about us without us.”

  • Our Discovery Process-We guide the Assessment Process to analyze the current state of inclusion in sacred organizations and communities. Assessment includes review of architectural, programmatic, communication and attitudinal barriers.

  • Our Visioning Process-We lead the Visioning Process with your Inclusion Team so that you are free to imagine the possibilities of being an inclusive organization. Using Organizational Mapping we will provide a roadmap that includes the steps to reach your vision.

  • Our Strategic Process-We create a strategic plan to achieve your goal of Meaningful Inclusion based on your vision. Your strategic plan will include actions, timelines, and identify key participants who will participate.

  • Plan Reviews-We conduct a review of your plan at 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. We can assist with adjusting timelines and actions in order to meet the needs of your organization and the people you serve.

  • Additional Services-Inclusion Innovations provides individualized training for organizations and communities. Whether you require training for your Inclusion Team, or you are organizing a community conference, Inclusion Innovations can work with you to design and implement training opportunities.

  • Keynotes and Panels-Shelly Christensen, Founder of Inclusion Innovations, is a frequent speaker at conferences and conventions. Her expertise in the field of inclusion in sacred communities and her inspirational and informational style will engage participants to think more deeply about including people with disabilities. Contact Shelly at to inquire about speaking in your community or organization.

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