My Hero Brother

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There wasn’t a dry eye by the end of the movie… not because we were sad, but because the journey we all took with this group was moving.  I think we felt we climbed right along with them up to the top of the mountain. It opened us up to what having a sibling with Down syndrome (or any other disability) must be like to grow up with.

My Hero Brother tells the story of a group of remarkable young people with Down syndrome that embark on a demanding trek through the Indian Himalayas, accompanied by their brothers and sisters. As the siblings deal with physical and emotional challenges, unresolved conflicts come to surface and heartwarming friendships develop.

Since its premiere in 2017, My Hero Brother has been screened at over 70 film festivals – from New Zealand to South Korea. The film won the Audience Choice Award and the Best Documentary Award at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and was screened at the leading Jewish and Israeli Film Festivals.

Award-winning Director Yonatan Nir will be on tour during Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, and is available for speaking engagements. For more info on screenings please fill out this short form.


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