Our primary goal is to provide customized solutions to faith-based and secular organizations that support belonging and inclusion of people with disabilities, mental health conditions, and those who love them. We know that one size does not fit all! Different organizations have different needs, budgets, and organizational cultures.

We individualize approaches that are specific to your organization. We will work with you to identify your actual needs and priorities for inclusion. We will develop a plan that fits your specific organization, mission, and culture. Your success is our success.

Shelly is a dynamic and engaging conference keynote and workshop presenter. Each presentation is based on the overarching theme of “From Longing to Belonging.” Shelly customizes each presentation to reflect the individual needs and goals of your organization.

Samples of Presentations and Services Shelly Provides

From Longing to Belonging Keynote

Shelly inspires and educates audience members to understand and embrace what it means to belong. She weaves stories, biblical text, and practical strategies into a keynote presentation that’s sure to move and motivate people to begin the journey toward inclusion. Learn about the Spirit of Belonging and the Structure of Inclusion, and why both are equally important in your community.


Shelly is mentors individuals who are in leadership roles in their faith communities. Individuals receive 1:1 support via online or phone meetings to identify challenges, and support the individual to lead shifts in culture, attitude, and practice. Mentoring is an effective way to support individuals who are responsible for leading inclusion.


Inclusion is woven throughout your entire faith community. As the scholar-in-residence, Shelly will spend several days with your organization, so that everyone has the opportunity to get involved in inclusion. Shelly will work with you to customize the experience. The Scholar-in-Residence program can include meetings and trainings with professional staff and lay leadership, Sabbath sermons, and sessions with individuals, parents, grandparents, and other family members.


Based on Shelly’s years of experience working with faith-based organizations, she can work with your organization to design a strategic approach to inclusion. This can include an analysis of your organization to identify opportunities, obstacles, and strengths, and a customized, practical plan for your inclusion initiative.

Keynotes and Workshops

Each of these presentations can be keynotes or workshops. Shelly can give a keynote address, and also facilitate workshops or seminars that take a deeper dive into these important topics.

The Spirit of Belonging

Belonging is important to each one of us. Learn what it means to belong to a faith community of one’s choosing, and what practical approaches you can take to make each individual feel that they belong. The Spirit of Belonging addresses how faith communities can work with people with disabilities and mental health conditions, and those who love them.

More Than A House of Prayer for All Peoples

Congregations wholeheartedly want to follow Isaiah’s words to open their doors to people with disabilities and mental health conditions. This presentation combines biblical expressions of inclusion, personal insights and practical strategies to evaluate current practices and the potential in your congregation or faith-based organization.

The Journey to Hope- Supporting Families with Disabilities

As a parent, Shelly has been on the Journey to Hope herself. Learn about the needs that parents have when their child is diagnosed, and the different stages of their journey. Learn how understanding those needs and stages can have a positive impact on relationships between parents and professional partners in school, camp, and other faith-based opportunities.

The Structure of Inclusion

Organizations need a structured approach to effectively navigate the “how” of inclusion.
Participants will learn about the six keys to inclusive organizations and how to implement them in your culture, and practices.

Foundations for Inclusive Religious Education

Inclusion in educational settings is based on setting a foundation for teaching each child according to his or her needs. This workshop focuses on how to adapt the culture and provides practices that encourage working with students of diverse learning styles. This session does not provide information on teaching strategies, or special education accommodations or modifications.

Custom Keynotes & Workshops

Shelly will develop custom presentations to meet the specific goals and needs of your organization.