Shelly is a dynamic, inspiring, and motivating keynote and workshop speaker who raises belonging and inclusion in faith communities to a place of possibilities and action. Her passion for teaching faith-based organizations how to support people with disabilities and mental health conditions, and those who love them, is fueled by her own experiences, both as a parent and a professional.

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Everyone wants to belong—in their community at large and especially their faith-based community. Nearly 20 percent of people live with a disability or mental health condition, which means so many families—maybe even yours—are dealing with these concerns for their loved ones—or for themselves. The one place everyone should feel like they belong is their house of worship and other faith-based community organizations.

From Longing to Belonging—A Practical Guide to Including People with Disabilities and Mental Health Conditions in Your Faith Community is based on Shelly Christensen’s experiences as a leader in the growing field of faith-based inclusion of people with disabilities and mental health conditions, and her work with congregations and other faith-based organizations. It’s practical, inspirational, and above all else, helps faith-based organizations embrace authentic belonging and inclusion for all people.